Gayathri is probably thinking about chai

Gayathri is a writer, blogger, and aspiring author.

With an interest in realism and fantasy, two polar opposites, she writes about different issues of today’s world with her unique voice.

Coming from Madurai, a city with rich history and mythologies fueled her love for the Fantasy genre. Growing up and exploring the world has made contemporary realistic fiction her other go-to genre.

Gayathri started writing in her middle school days after trying to narrate so many stories to her friends. She appreciates the patience of her listeners and will probably tell them more stories.

She spends her time creating fictional worlds and plotting their stories. When she is not writing, she is either watching movies or series or in the middle of a long call with her friends.

Don’t mention Percy Jackson in front of her if you don’t want hours of conversation filled with excited squeals! You can connect with her over Instagram, and Twitter.